Do you know someone that would like to teach at the Kwajalein School System. The school is looking to hire a teacher certified to teach grades 5 & 6 in Math and Science beginning January 4, 2024. If you know someone, please have them apply to
23 days ago, Paul Uhren
teacher wanted
KJSHS students pose before going on a scuba dive during the Community Service Hour celebration. Congratulations to all students who provided service to our community.
5 months ago, Paul Uhren
Students with scuba gear
Thank you to our helpful elementary students for picking up trash that has blown onto the school playground. These two children volunteered their morning recess time to clean up!
7 months ago, Paul Uhren
students picking up trash
Congratulations Rosita Sawej on being recognized by V2X for your extraordinary work with not only our Rikatak students, but also going above and beyond here on Kwajalein (Mrs. Claus) to working closely with the Rikatak Parents on Ebeye. A well deserved recognition!
7 months ago, Paul Uhren
Teacher Aide recognition
The USAG-KA Bike Rodeo , in conjunction with GSES, will be held on Friday, February 24 starting at 8:45 am for Grades K - 4. Thank you to the USAG-KA PMO and Lt. Shawn Delaney for keeping our children safe on their bikes.
7 months ago, Paul Uhren
Bike Rodeo Flyer
In January, the KJSHS Integrated Science II students tested physical and chemical properties of baking ingredients to solve a baking competition sabotage mystery.
7 months ago, Paul Uhren
Science students conduct experiment
Science students conduct experiment
Science student conducts experiement
As part of their service project, the FCCLA Club provided Valentine cookies for the students and staff before school began on February 14th.
7 months ago, Paul Uhren
FCCLA Students on Valentines Day
FCCLA students creating signs
FCCLA signs for Valentines Day
KJSHS Integrated Science I students are working cooperatively to build model artificial islands which will be tested to see how they hold up to weathering and erosion forces.
7 months ago, Paul Uhren
Science students
Science Students
Science experiement
Kwajalein Junior Senior High School earned the College Board's AP® Computer Science Female Diversity Award for expanding young women’s access to AP Computer Science Principles (CSP). To learn more about this award, go to:
8 months ago, Paul Uhren
Diversity Award
Would you like to read to the second graders? Take a look at the attached flyer and let Mrs. Corley know if you can help! Thank you in advance.
8 months ago, Paul Uhren
Cinderella Stories Flyer
2022-2023 Kwajalein School System Yearbooks are on sale now. Ordering link is available in the attached picture.
8 months ago, Paul Uhren
Yearbook Order Form
Free Standing Paper towers were recently built in the Intro to Engineering class at KJSHS. These students were successful in reaching nearly 8 feet! Congratulations.
8 months ago, Paul Uhren
Students demonstrating paper tower building
Winter Holiday Break has begun. School will be closed from 17 Dec 2022 through 4 January 2023. Students will return to school for Second Semester on 5 January 2023. Have a great holiday break!
9 months ago, Paul Uhren
Christmas tree and Pam Tree
The Kwajalein Junior Senior High School Coral Restoration Crew is building blocks for an artificial coral reef that will be placed off the Water Ski Stairs in memory of Stephanie Hibberts, a graduate of Kwajalein High School. Dedication will take place on Thurs, Dec 8.
10 months ago, Paul Uhren
Artificial Coral Reef Blocks and students
Phone number changes effective 30 November 2022: Calling on Kwajalein: 480-3601 (GSES) 480-2011 (KJSHS) Calling from outside of Kwajalein: 808-580-3601 (GSES) 808-580-2011 (KJSHS)
10 months ago, Paul Uhren
New Phone Number sign
Turkey Bowl 2022. These KJSHS students perform a hula dance at the 2022 Turkey Bowl for students, staff and parents.
10 months ago, Paul Uhren
Students performing a hula dance
How does sound travel? A cooperative lesson between Ms. Wright and Mrs. Jahnke allowed the students to investigate how sound travels.
10 months ago, Paul Uhren
Students working at a musical table
What if???? The fourth graders tested out their hypotheses on weight and ramp heights to observe what occurred.
10 months ago, Paul Uhren
Students experimenting with ramps
Grade 4 testing out their catapulting skills to launch paper balls into the air. This student almost succeeded in hitting the ceiling!
10 months ago, Paul Uhren
Catapulting paper
GSES Grades K - 4 Winter Concert is coming soon. We hope to see you there!
11 months ago, Paul Uhren
Elementary Winter Concert Advertisement